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Programme Details

Progress Class is a community collaboration that provides enrichment-based modules to children and adolescents from lower income households through mentoring. The programme aims to bridge the gap relating to the positive
experiences and essential cognitive skills of youths from lower social economic status that are associated with learning. With this, we believe that they will have a better chance of being rendered with opportunities. Eventually, allowing for a better progression in life.

The programme adopts a three-pronged approach to actualize its objective:
a. Establishing a positive mentor mentee relationship.
b. Adopting Growth Mindset Activities.
c. Play Based – Collaborative Learning.


Eligibility Criteria

1) Child is living with at least a parent/legal guardian who is a Singaporean/PR

2) Not receiving any free/subsidised tuition from other self-help groups or Non-profit organizations. 

3) Per Capita Income* of $690 or below, following MOE FAS eligibility


(*per capita income is the total monthly household income ÷ household members)

Primary School Level

Every Sunday, 09.30am - 12.30pm

Secondary School Level

Every Saturday, 09.30am - 12.30pm



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