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'Make a difference with every moment here in PCS. You can be part of that change.'

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“ It's a mutually beneficial experience that not only allows me to help nurture the seedlings of the community, but also provides me with opportunities to grow and step out of my comfort zone”


- Shahidah, 25 (P6 Mentor)

Hear What Our Mentors Have To Say

“At first I was doing it because it was something that could fill up my weekends, but it came to a point where the goal was to help as many kids as possible every week.”

Amos Chia, 21 (P2 Mentor)

Be A PCS Volunteer Today!

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Youth For Youth Approach

Powered by youths, for the youths

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Active Dynamic

Working with youths and adolescents in a positive learning environment through a Mentor-Mentee relationship

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Networking Opportunities

Make new connections and enhance interpersonal skills

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Capacity Building

Increase self confidence through personal and professional development opportunities

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Continual Involvement

Regular weekly sessions provide better rapport-building with Mentees

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Year-Long Programme

Longstanding engagement to journey together with Mentees

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