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Sow Seeds Of Compassion, Grow Our Next Generation

Progress Class Society (PCS) empowers and provides a support system for youths to attain opportunities, supporting their development through their imperative years.

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Our Reach

Since 2010, our programmes have benefitted over 2250 individuals.

Progressing To The Next Level

PCS has gained a reputation in ensuring all beneficiaries attain 100% passes in their PSLE.

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A Youth-for-Youth Approach

More than 400 youth volunteers took on the role as Mentors to these beneficiaries, who contributed back as volunteers as they reach their tertiary level. 

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Every little bit helps

We believe in what we do, but we cannot do it alone. You can be part of this journey, support us through providing any amount that you are comfortable with. 

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Through Your Help, We Can Achieve Greater

  • More exploratory learning journeys for our beneficiaries

  • Better training for our volunteers

  • Stronger engagement and involvement with parents

  • Staffing of a dedicated team

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Your Help Today Can Shape The World Of Tomorrow.

These youths deserve better.

Contribute today.

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