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Progress Class Society (PCS) was initiated to empower and provide a support system that allows youths to better attain opportunities that will enable them for upward social mobility.


Started in 2006 as a ground up initiative by youths within the community who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children from lower income families. 

The initiative began as a free tuition programme for vulnerable children where youth volunteers would provide them with academic coaching at the void decks. The programme garnered much attraction from the community and soon expanded its reach, benefitting more children and introducing more holistic programmes to supplement its cause. It was in 2010, when the core members were inspired by the growth of the children under their wing and thus formed the Society.

In 2019, the core team made a strategic decision to adopt a more wholesome approach in addressing bigger social issues that youths and children face.

This shift in direction draws a new objective for the organization where it now embarks on a mission to support the social mobility of youths and provide guidance for the community to achieve self-reliance. The organization hopes to provide a platform that will allow every youth to be empowered to strive for success and reach their fullest potential. PCS aims to continue providing better opportunities for the community in need.

Contribute today - sow seeds of compassion, grow our next generation!

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